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  1. I cannot import and export the both. Is there a way for that? I have 10000+ items to import, so manual input is almost impossible.
  2. Hi, Do you have any info about the import template. I need to know which each of the columns means so I know what info to input where and which fields I can leave blank etc
  3. Hi, I downloaded my excel export list and used it to modify some items. What will happen if I use it to import? Will it make some item double listed? Best regards,
  4. Hi. When I export the item list in Excel, I just notice that if the barcode starts with 0(zero), the first digit 0(Zero) is removed in Excel.   For instance, if a bardcode is "0234567", if appears as "23456" in exported Excel. If I edit other information beside a barcode, the barcode is replaced with the number without 0(zero). Does anyone know how to download a barcode without missing 0(zero) or anyway not to edit the bardcode if I import Excel file?   Thanks  
  5. I try to export the items from the app to excel but when I open the file is a mess. What can I do?
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