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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys, do guys experience what I have experienced? I've got an Epson Tm-m30 ethernet printer and it connect with my ipad loyverse fine. It connects to printer for about a good 30mins. It prints out fine for about 30mins then display Printer Error. Whenever I leave the ipad alone for about 30mins, it will display this message until I kill the App from the background then it works fine for about another 30mins. I don't know why. I have tried to restart ipad, restart modem and delete loyverse app then reinstall it again. The printer show no error sign or anything. The internet works the e
  2. How can i get Loyverse to use this printer on ios ? I can open the sarifi and browse to the printer status page... but loyverse does not see the printer .. i am using the "other model (Ethernet) option... with the ip address of the printer server Can anyone help ? I have looked for an espon tm utility for ios and found this https://download.epson-biz.com/modules/pos/index.php?page=single_soft&cid=6557&scat=47&pcat=3 but i cant install the app from the app store because the app is not out of my region.. help
  3. Hi there, I have seen T82 tested but I'm not sure if T82 and T82II are different/incompatible. I cannot return the printer once I buy it so I would like to make sure it works with IOS Loyverse on IPAD Air + 24V drawer. Thank all!
  4. Is it possible to connect an Epson TM-T20ii (USB) to a Wireless Router that has a USB port, so this way I can found the printer on my Wifi Network ? I will use an iPad as POS
  5. I have 2 printers Epson TM-T20ii (USB) and I will use and ipad as POS and a tablet andriod as Kitchen screen in my cafe. As I read here it is not possible to set up a USB printer to iOS, my question is if its possible to connect by USB two printers to my android tablet and print receives from the iPad?
  6. Im using Tm - Tm82 Printer and Have configured the printer We have a slightly more complicated network than just one access point, I have wired run a network cable from the server to the priner and can sometimes connect to it with the POS devices. I can ping it from the devices, and can print via the priner settings on my mac, But only sometimes will it actually print recipts. Can give more details network details if required. Just a noob thing to set up for a Non profit Cafe. Any help appreciated
  7. I know this has been asked a thousand times already... I have followed the instructions to change the printer to "other model" and use the Initial ESC/POS commands as 1C,70,01,00. That did not work. Saw that someone else recommended using the Hex code for the image in the Initial ESC/POS commands. But I am unable to find the Hex code in the Epson Utility. Has anyone gotten it to work with the T88V? or have any other solutions?  
  8. IP address stays at factory defaults. Can anyone give me a step-by-step instruction on connecting printer to the internet? Thank you
  9. Hi all, Help is needed to connect the printer. So I managed to connect the printer to my modem and got it to retrieve an IP-address. My phone is on the same subnet (image2 and image 3) I manually added the ip address in the app (image4) Still, error, can't find the printer, so can't print a test receipt What am I missing here? HELP!!!
  10. epson tm m10 compact That is the printer I prefer to use, it is a USB printer and uses a smaller 57mm tape with a smaller counter footprint. Please.... can anyone tell me if it is usable with Loyverse before I buy it.
  11. Hello, Is there anyway to connect this printer by USB ? Why not as generic printer ? Vincent
  12. It's possible to print the receipt paper on the Epson Receipt with out Cable?
  13. Hi, Guys just let you know I'm using Loyverse POS with an Epson TM-TI82 on iOS setup as a network printer and it works perfectly. You can easily load a logo with the printer software and specify the command to print the logo in Loyverse POS. Pretty awesome and it's a good news because the Epson TM-20 is not easy to find.
  14. Do you know if the printer EPSON TM-T20III ETHERNET works with Loyverse, like EPSON TM-T20II?
  15. Can this printer be used in Loyverse since it's on Ethernet?
  16. How to connect ipad to epson printer and cash drawer

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