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Found 15 results

  1. It is especially interesting if printer connection is possible.
  2. Can I make sales with the POS on the computer? Maybe there is an idea.
  3. Is it possible to install Loyverse POS on a PC? How to do it?
  4. i want to use Loyverse in PC(emulator) and need to connect it with star mPOP. I read That it possible to connect printer via same network.can i connect star mpop it with usb to ethernet adpter into network adapter? Or can you please suggest me a solution ?. Thank you
  5. Anybody had a problem of the mouse not scrolling properly on the items pages with an Android POS? My mouse works fine on all other programs/apps.
  6. POS System: PC running Android-x86 OS (v. 9.0-r1) App: Loyverse POS v. 2.17 Printer: Posiflex AURA PP-6900U (Wi-Fi Module) using with router Problem: Posiflex 6900 Printer Is Not Showing (Missing) Receipt Number, Date and Time
  7. Have Loyverse POS on my phone but also need it on laptop?
  8. Hello everyone. When I started my business, I bought a computer with a touch monitor. I did this because I was planning to use another program, but then I discovered Loyverse and I liked it much more. But when I installed the program, I realized that it was not available for Windows, but only available for Android and iOS. I managed to practically adapt it for Windows using the Bluestacks program (the only one I tried because I don't know any others). But the problem I have is when adding the printer. I bought a USB, I configured it in the Windows printers section, but when I add it to Loyverse, it doesn't detect it. So I wanted to know if anyone knows any solution to be able to use a USB printer in Loyverse adapted with Bluestacks. Or if I should buy some other Bluetooth or Ethernet printer. Thank you very much everyone, I hope you can help me.
  9. Nockiespalette

    Running  Loyverse CDS on a PC

    Hi everyone, We are new users of Loyverse system. We understand most people run their Loyverse CDS on iOS or Android tablets. However, we only have a Windows laptop at our shop, which connects to a touch-screen monitor, and we are hoping to run the CDS from this laptop. Is this possible? So far we can only find the back office website which we can manage from the computer. We haven't found a way to use the Sales function on laptop yet... Do you have any idea? Regards, Carina
  10. I tried the pos on bluestacks and printer works really good if you connect it directly to router. But, what if the router is too far from the cash register and you need to connect printer through the PC ethernet port, would it be possible? Did anybody try this? Thank u all
  11. Hello everyone! I plan to use Loyverse on a Mac using the Bluestacks emulator. I've seen over here that Bluestacks can now support printers. However, because of the mix of Android and MaxOS that will be going on, I'm not sure if I can use any printer in the list of supported Android Printers (https://help.loyverse.com/help/supported-printers). Does anyone maybe have any guidance to give me or any experience with this? Thanks.
  12. Doing a favor for my friend at Loyverse on how I manage to run Loyverse POS with Bluestacks app emulator.
  13. how to install a bar code scanner for windows android via NOX
  14. Please add working emulators. 1. BlueStacks https://www.bluestacks.com/
  15. USB Printer and Loyverse POS on PC by Remix OS. Checking the operation of USB printer with the Loyverse POS on the laptop Asus with a remix OS.

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