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  1. Hi folks I too am having a similar issue (as earlier reported by others). Please help. All the ingredients/ITEMS are not showing up when I try to make a dish/COMPOSITE-ITEM. What am I doing wrong? I think I have covered all basics, watched the tutorials, etc Mark
  2. Why certain item does not display on composite item when i +ADD ITEM. Example I create Item A, Item B, Item C as (Raw Material) Item E (for Production) = Contain Composite of Item A+B Item D (for sale) = Contain Composite of Item E + Item C My issue is, Item E does not appear on composite item when i want to select it while creating Item D.. What happen? Thank You
  3. CWL

    How to track items?

    How to I add and keep track of items I buy in packs but sell as both single units and as packs?
  4. I create items like tomato and onion and then I create a composite item burger from tomato and onion and then I create a composite item called beef burger sandwich from burger plus bread. When I make an order from beef burger sandwich the inventory only decreases bread and standard burger and not decrease tomato and onion.
  5. Marry Zhuly

    What is a composite item and how to create one?

    What is a composite item and how to create one?
  6. Phyllis

    Composite items doesn't show

    Hi there, I've loaded composite items as per your instructional video but when I create my product and try and select the various items, it doesn't appear to be available
  7. When trying to create a composite item, when selecting a component, not all the components are listed. In fact the available list is very small. I don't seem able to expand it.
  8. How to hide components of composite items from Loyverse POS sales screen?
  9. Hi, We have a system set up so that our vodka has two variants: 25ml and 50ml. Obviously if 50ml is used then it's technically two of the 25ml, but still only subtracts 1 from the stock, is there any way to make the 50ml variant a composite of two 25ml?  we were able to do this with separate items completely but having a wide range of spirits makes everything very disorganised.   Any help is much appreciated
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