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Found 15 results

  1. This video shows quick steps to get started with Loyverse POS: • Download the app • Creating Loyverse account • Adding items • Making the first sale Going to the Back Office and check reports
  2. Composite items consist of a number of other items (components). In the back office, go to ‘Item list’. First, you have to create the components of a composite item.
  3. Is there any option on the back office to see enable the exact number of In stock for a composite? Like for example I'm selling drinks for the bar and the weight of the liquid in a bottle is 1000g and im selling per shot is 25g it should show 40 shots In stock but I don't see any count of shots displayed to be sold. Is there anyway that I could see the total In Stock for a composite item to be sold..?
  4. I have an item, coffee, with different variants ( with milk, Black coffee, etc..... ) can I create a composite item from each variant?
  5. Hiya, I own a little coffee trailer and have done most of the back-end work however I am struggling with a few composite items/variants and wondered if anyone can assist me? Thanks Brendan
  6. Hi folks I too am having a similar issue (as earlier reported by others). Please help. All the ingredients/ITEMS are not showing up when I try to make a dish/COMPOSITE-ITEM. What am I doing wrong? I think I have covered all basics, watched the tutorials, etc Mark
  7. What is a composite item and how to create one?
  8. I create items like tomato and onion and then I create a composite item burger from tomato and onion and then I create a composite item called beef burger sandwich from burger plus bread. When I make an order from beef burger sandwich the inventory only decreases bread and standard burger and not decrease tomato and onion.
  9. Hi there, I've loaded composite items as per your instructional video but when I create my product and try and select the various items, it doesn't appear to be available
  10. Why certain item does not display on composite item when i +ADD ITEM. Example I create Item A, Item B, Item C as (Raw Material) Item E (for Production) = Contain Composite of Item A+B Item D (for sale) = Contain Composite of Item E + Item C My issue is, Item E does not appear on composite item when i want to select it while creating Item D.. What happen? Thank You
  11. When trying to create a composite item, when selecting a component, not all the components are listed. In fact the available list is very small. I don't seem able to expand it.
  12. How to hide components of composite items from Loyverse POS sales screen?
  13. Hi, We have a system set up so that our vodka has two variants: 25ml and 50ml. Obviously if 50ml is used then it's technically two of the 25ml, but still only subtracts 1 from the stock, is there any way to make the 50ml variant a composite of two 25ml?  we were able to do this with separate items completely but having a wide range of spirits makes everything very disorganised.   Any help is much appreciated
  14. CWL

    How to track items?

    How to I add and keep track of items I buy in packs but sell as both single units and as packs?

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