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  1. Cilma

    Variable composition

    Let's take the example of an omelette which has the menu option of 2, 3 or 4 toppings (each having a different price). These toppings can be selected from a list of, lets say, 10 items. The problem is that each of the 10 ingredients has a different cost and potentially a different selling price as well. In Loyverse, the cost price, margin, gross profit is not calculated correctly and the ingredients are not handled adequately using either variants or modifiers. Surely I am not the only person having the problem. Question: Is there a workaround or are Loyverse addressing this very basic need.
  2. Hello, What will happen if I turn off the “Production” option for a composite item after using it for some time?
  3. Most of my items are composite items. How can I track stock of these items?
  4. Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to add composite items to a Transfer order? If yes, how?
  5. I have an item, coffee, with different variants ( with milk, Black coffee, etc..... ) can I create a composite item from each variant?
  6. I run a small Pizza shop. Every day I make new dough. The dough is a composite item, but since I make it every day, I do not want to make a "Production" because thats unnecessary admin. The pizza consists of single items (cheese, tomato sauce, etc.) and the dough, a composite item. When I sell a Pizza, it only tracks the stock of the single items (chees, tomato sauce etc.) not of the ingredients of the dough (flour, salt, yeast). The tutorial says, that when a composite Item is sold, it tracks stock. In my case I sell this composite Item, through the Item pizza (so we have a hyrarchie). How can I create composite Items, have a Master/slave relation and track the stock of the item on the lowest level? Thanks!
  7. GeorgeMartin

    Item cost carrying on to Composite Item

    I am making cocktails. For instance, I have a bottle of Jack Daniels that costs 20EUR. I use 60ml in one of my drinks. However the size of the bottle of Jack is 700ml. The cost of the item of Jack does not take into account the size of the bottle. So when making the composite item I cannot say 60ml, Instead I have to say 60/700 or 0.0857152. This is just an annoying calculation I have to do for every single cocktail. Am I missing an option where I can enter the initial ingredient bottle (Jack Daniels) to be priced per ml, rather than per bottle. Which would save me time calculating new measures for each different bottle size I have?
  8. Composite items consist of a number of other items (components). In the back office, go to ‘Item list’. First, you have to create the components of a composite item.
  9. elmolinitodemarta

    Composite articles in cascade

      I have problems to create items that are part of composite items that in turn are composed of composite items such as beans, eggs etc, the failure in back office is that it does not allow me to access the article to add it, in essence I can not create composite items with compound items, how could generate some eggs with ham to sell with a compound item which will be called scrambled eggs plus another that will be called fried ham plus another that will be a percentage of a liter of fried beans, I hope it has been clear thank you very much for the help
  10. Hello, Can I print each component of a composite items to different kitchen printer? My composite items have as components food items and drinks. I want to print the food items in Kitchen printer and the drinks in the Bar printer. Is it possible?
  11. TheMochaPuddle

    How to Divide a Composite Item

    So the product name is "Brownie" I have used in the "Inventory" the "Composite" facility and put in all my ingredients, BUT this makes a batch of "12 Brownies". Can I then some how divide this product into 12? or do I just divide the ingredients by 12?
  12. How many levels is possible to make while creating a composite item consisting of other composite items? Sometimes I cannot find an item to add as a component to a composite item.
  13. This video shows quick steps to get started with Loyverse POS: • Download the app • Creating Loyverse account • Adding items • Making the first sale Going to the Back Office and check reports
  14. Hi, We have a system set up so that our vodka has two variants: 25ml and 50ml. Obviously if 50ml is used then it's technically two of the 25ml, but still only subtracts 1 from the stock, is there any way to make the 50ml variant a composite of two 25ml?  we were able to do this with separate items completely but having a wide range of spirits makes everything very disorganised.   Any help is much appreciated
  15. What is a composite item and how to create one?
  16. Hi there, I've loaded composite items as per your instructional video but when I create my product and try and select the various items, it doesn't appear to be available
  17. hello sir, I have problem to manage my stock the problem is we have 2 price in 1 stock example price shop= RM100 Price Online = RM90 2 price in 1 stock if has shop oder, the stock in online we reduce manual if has online oder, the stock in shop we reduce manual can we combine the 1 stock in 2 price and track record sales by pos, not combine sales. thakn you sir, hope you can help me
  18. Hi folks I too am having a similar issue (as earlier reported by others). Please help. All the ingredients/ITEMS are not showing up when I try to make a dish/COMPOSITE-ITEM. What am I doing wrong? I think I have covered all basics, watched the tutorials, etc Mark
  19. Hi All I am trying to make a recipe / nested item, but in the main item, the sauce I have created won't display. It is only 1 level of nested item...
  20. Hiya, I own a little coffee trailer and have done most of the back-end work however I am struggling with a few composite items/variants and wondered if anyone can assist me? Thanks Brendan
  21. Fallow

    Composite Items/Variant Items

    Ive recently signed up to the advanced inventory but finding a major flaw that I cant seem to get around. As we run a cafe/Bar there are many items that are composite items that also require variants. For example: Sausage and Egg Breakfast Sandwich (set up Sausage and egg as composite) but if customer wishes to add mushrooms/tomatoes ect i cant find a way to add a variant which also tracks the stock. Another example: Vodka which we will in either a single or double - Set up Vodka as an item and the add variant of size - single and double. But this will not track stock as it is classed as two separate items. Should there not be an option available to add composite items as well as variant items which can then also include composite items? Im unsure how other business get around this? As most of out items bar and cafe items have some sort of variant.
  22. I create items like tomato and onion and then I create a composite item burger from tomato and onion and then I create a composite item called beef burger sandwich from burger plus bread. When I make an order from beef burger sandwich the inventory only decreases bread and standard burger and not decrease tomato and onion.
  23. Hi Loyverse team, How to setup the promotion for items? like mix & match, Threshold discount, buy 1 get 1 free, FOC, etc..
  24. CWL

    How to track items?

    How to I add and keep track of items I buy in packs but sell as both single units and as packs?
  25. My situation is the following: I want to sell Whiskey, but I could sell it with the following options: Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Water and On the rocks (for example). I know I can make variants of an item, but how would it be possible for me to keep track of stock if I'm creating a new stock for each variant.  So basically, If i order a Whiskey Cola, then stock should be removed from Whiskey and from Coca Cola (Which is a separate item, but we use it as an addition / variant to the Whiskey).   Could anyone help to find a logical solution to this? Or would I simply have to substract (each day) all the mixes variants to the original items?   Thanks, Tom.

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