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Found 25 results

  1. Hello., I ask for help How to fix white lines when printing DEVICE : HUAWEI P30pro PRINTER : X-printerQ200 OtherDevice: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 , Sony Xperia Xz Premium Thank you
  2. Is it possible to install Loyverse POS on a PC? How to do it?
  3. Both tickets and goods are displayed at the same time on the sales screen ? The "layout" setting does not appear on my 7-inches tablet)
  4. Mikael

    POS system compatibility

    I am looking to buy a POS hardware system similar to this; https://www.cjlegend.com/web/index.php?topclassid=16&classid=90&id=121&lanstr=en Would it be able to run Loyverse on this system? Thanks : )
  5. Hello, my devices don't support Google Play store, can I found the apk for the new version updated of Loyverse?
  6. Can this printer be used in Loyverse since it's on Ethernet?
  7. Is my SM-T300i mobile bluetooth printer compatible with Loyverse on my IOS device?
  8. Does anyone know if the TM-T200II and the APG 1616 cash box
  9. Does Loyverse POS support ethernet cash drawers such as the APG T470-BL1616?
  10. POS System: PC running Android-x86 OS (v. 9.0-r1) App: Loyverse POS v. 2.17 Printer: Posiflex AURA PP-6900U (Wi-Fi Module) using with router Problem: Posiflex 6900 Printer Is Not Showing (Missing) Receipt Number, Date and Time
  11. Has anyone tried the bixolon SRP-350plusIII printer with loyverse?
  12. Hi Everyone I just started testing out Loyverse and i love the features of this simple POS System I was trying to set up a Phoenix OS to Install Loyvere POS on a Desktop I managed to get the POS working, however, the display looks as if it is on a Handheld Android I wanted the POS to look somewhat similar to as the notebook had more than enough screen for it. Do you know if there is anyway i can change the settings to work? It would be perfect if we can get this successfully done
  13. Has anymore had experience with the ticket printer epson tmu-220b connect to the POS? It s not on the standard list of supported printers but I would like to know if it cqn be connected and if it works? Thanks for the feedback!
  14. How do I connect Loyverse to a munbyn printer
  15. Dear All Everybody here they use the Star SM-L200 BT printer with the Loyverse? I have a big problem with the graphic mode. The printer print only symbols. Thank you for your helps Best regards Andy Kessler
  16. Hi All, My users are not happy with 10inch tablet ipad. Has anyone try to install Loyverse on a tv stick like Amazon Fire or any Android tv box and connect to a 24 in touchscreen monitor (for PC) ? Comparing to using a Touchscreen Chromebook, that investment is just a little bit higher but still reasonable if it works. Thank you!
  17. As the title says... the printer works and prints normally with self-testing and printing tests from the utility, but with loyverse it cuts off the receipt size at times and at other times it won't even recognize the device. Kind of a bummer since I bought the printer because it was the only one they had that was on the loyverse list...
  18. Please add support for the SM-230i from Star Micronics as far as I know this one and the one you already support SM-210i is practically the same model, even at the official website this last model doesn’t show up and when you search for it you end up at the 230 feature page, a few versions ago I was able to make the app recognize this model but not I can’t get it to detect it
  19. Hello, I would like to knowkind almost urgently if Loyverse is compatible with ELO Paypoint E008250 V.1. All-in-one. The Elo system works flawlessy with ELO app commands but Loyverse cannot interact with the E008250, for instance, opening the cashier draw when a cash payment is done. I may need support before decide to use your POS app.   Thanks You, Paulo
  20. Is Socket Mobile CHS 7Xi scanner compatible with Loyverse in Bluetooth mode?
  21. Anybody knows if the wing pos terminal supports Loyverse POS?
  22. Hello All, Do you know if the printer model XPrinter XP-N160II is compatible with Loyverse? Below you can see the technical details of the printer: Commands ESC/POS Ethernet (RJ45) 80mm paper width Best regards,
  23. I want to connect with Sam4s GIANT-100D (Ethernet, USB) printer. I connected printer and iPad with ehternet with Sam4s app. However, you cannot search for printers in the loyverse app. Why not?
  24. Please add working emulators. 1. BlueStacks https://www.bluestacks.com/
  25. Need help. What commend should I use to make sure printer feeds just enough paper to cut it after the last line or my receipt? My receipt currently prints wayyyyy too much extra paper. About 8” extra.

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