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  1. If I have 10 cashiers, how best to train them to work with the product. In addition, they are in different stores. Share your experience, I will be grateful.
  2. How do you think, is this normal or better to lock access to other apps?
  3. It is very important to prevent the cashier from exiting of the system?
  4. Can my employee use his/her own device for POS? If yes, How does an employee login into Loyverse POS on their mobile device with his/her E-mail and password? I have created the cashier account. Am I suppose to send the employee an invite or is the system generating the email invitation?
  5. Hi, Ive noticed that since you have started charging for the time clock service, that those who have not subscribed can only use the admin. This means that employees are now able to give any discounts they want and also refund sales and CARD PAYMENTS! Would it not make sense to allow one admin role and one staff role so that this didnt happen? Ive already had to terminate one employee due to unauthorised refunds being made and discounts to friends.  This issue needs addressing ASAP
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