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Found 18 results

  1. Mustafa

    How can I delete/clean test sales?

    How can I delete test sales in Loyverse?
  2. Assa-Manado

    Synchronize Back Office with app

    Excuse me if my questions are stupid, sorry my Englisch is very bad. I think I understand that I can make all my items/products in the Back Office (Laptop) and then synchronize to my app to my Android smartphone? But how did I do that? Nice regards Assa
  3. I have several payment types, one of which is payment by invoice, how can I make a report when there is no customers attached to it,
  4. andres

    Notification about low stock

    Do you want to keep track of products with low stock directly from your back office? And even better - to receive an email notification that the stocks of a product are coming to an end? Loyverse POS gives you such opportunity. Also, activation and the setting up of this function will take no time at all.
  5. There are two ways to add items and categories in Loyverse. You can add it from the POS and the Back Office.
  6. It is easy to create items by adding them in the Back Office. But you can also import them through a CSV file at the Back Office. To import your items smoothly and quickly, the correct sheet should be prepared. You can download the template, but the best way is to create sample items in the ‘Item list’, export them as a CSV file, and add all the rest of the items to the sheet.
  7. The Back office is your web-based office, working in synchronization with the Loyverse POS App
  8. This video shows quick steps to get started with Loyverse POS: • Download the app • Creating Loyverse account • Adding items • Making the first sale Going to the Back Office and check reports
  9. RPWunterweex

    why is this file no CSV

    I nearly succeeded to import a lot of items, but there occurs a mysterious problem: First of all I noticed, that you can import with a reduced choice of fields, i.e. the CSV-file has only to contain the main fields: Handle;SKU;Name;Default price;Cost;Barcode;Tax - "Mindersteuer" (7%);Tax - "Vollsteuer" (19%)first file That worked fine, the header determines the selected target fields. I only wondered why the separator is determined by the sample export as an semicolon instead of a comma. Nothing to worry, got imported nevertheless, I simply changed the commas before importing into semicolons. For testing reasons I constructed in my text-editor a second file containing only one item, with the same header and the same separator. This file is refused with the announcement "Please load a CSV-File" (in German of course). To find out the mistake I pasted the header and the single item at the top of the former (succeeding) file and imported that one again. And: in fact the single added item was imported with success. I have no idea, what the difference is between the two files. I will remark in another topic my problem with mutated vowels. Maybe the code of the file saved with a text-editor is different from the one created by a spreadsheet. Who knows... Oh, I cannot attach my CSV-Samples...
  10. Hii Can your app print middle east languages like arabic and hebrew? maybe this depends on the printer type?
  11. You can create and configure discounts at the back office and on the mobile App
  12. On my receipt I get the customers address for deliveries but I want the telephone number on the receipts as well how do I get the receipts to print the whole of the information that we have on the customer.
  13. Hello, If we have multiple stores under the same account, when we activate ‘Predefined open tickets’ feature, will it automatically be activated in all stores? Can we have different set of predefined open tickets for each store or we will have the same list of predefined open tickets for all stores?
  14. Hello, I have several stores under my account. I want to use a different logo in the receipts of each store. Can I do this?
  15. andres

    How to Synchronize Open Tickets

    The ‘Open tickets’ option should be activated in your Back Office. https://help.loyverse.com/help/tickets-synchronizations
  16. andres

    How to Merge Open Tickets

    Merging tickets allow the cashier to combine items into one ticket. Please make sure that the open ticket option is activated in the Back Office.
  17. With Loyverse POS you can manage multiple stores under one account. Track your sales, inventory, employees and customers — everything you need to know in one place.

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