Setting up multibuy discounts

We use LoyVerse for retail POS and would like to be able to set up multibuy discounts to be added to the cart automatically.

You add 4 books, doesn't matter which products with that tag, the system sees that and adds a 50p discount. If you add another 8 books to the cart it will add the 50p discount again.

We tried setting a modifier, but it adds so much time to each sale with those products. And discounts can only be added once, fine for 4 books but useless when we try to sell 8 or higher.


I second this. Discounts for multibuy items are pretty much unworkable for us at the moment. I've had to set up an "other" catagory and we manually key in the price of the multi buys through that which means we're not scanning the product so no sales figures for it in the back office, which in turn means stock control is unuseable, which means the advanced inventory is useless for us apart from the labels (which aren't great because the text is so small).

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