How to add loyalty points without sales?

Would love to be able to add points to customers loyalty outwith sales. We have promotions and incentives for customers that gain them points. But can't add points to the loyalty program without racking up massive sales to add the points on? This would open up opportunities and allow me to target my customers more.

Will there ever be a feature to add loyalty points directly to a customer acc on the POS app instead of through the back office? I use games in store to increase customer retention. These games allow customers to win loyalty points. I need to add these to the customer acc without generating sales through the Loyverse POS app. Will this ever be a feature that will be added?
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Thank you.

You can do it.

1. Sign in to the Back Office.

2. Select Customers -> Customer base -> Customer profile you need.

customer's points balance

3. Choose 'More' -> Edit points balance

Edit points balance


4. In the dialog enter points value you need and save.

Edit points balance

More details about customer base

P.S. Could you share about your customer retention program? It's interesting.
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We have an amusement arcade connected to our cafe. Customers can earn extra points at the amusement arcade from our redemption games. Redemption games are coin operated, vary from kids rides to skill based games and payout tickets which are then exchanged for loyalty points. Customers can either spend immediately for small prizes or save up for larger prizes. We currently have over a thousand customers saving tickets/loyalty points for larger prizes and need a good digital system to store these points on.
This could be used in a fun/party style cafe where customers play the coin operated skill games and redeem the tickets for smaller food items like desserts or promotional merchandise. If I can successfully implement loyverse into our cafe and amusement arcade, I will be looking to do similar in our children's indoor play area. This would allow children to collect tickets/points and exchange for small prizes at our gift shop.
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It's a good suggestion. And although for the moment it's not possible to add points to the customers directly through the POS app, there is one alternative that you can use. From the back office, you can export your customer base, open it with Excel or Google Spreadsheets for example, and edit the "Points balance", updating the total points you want your customer to have, and import back the file into the backoffice. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok