How much does McDonald's pay?

Interesting, how much do McDonald's employees make an hour in different countries.


In Canada McDonald's minimal salary (Crew Member) is $11.00 per hour.

Here are some McDonald's salaries in 2018 in the US for popular jobs (hourly):

Crew Member $8.63 per hour
Fast Food Attendant $8.26 per hour
Team Trainer $8.38 per hour
Cook $8.52 per hour
Swing Manager $9.87 per hour
Grill Cook $8.50 per hour
Cashier $8.45 per hour
Store Manager $10.70 per hour
Assistant Store Manager $12.18 per hour
Floor Supervisor $9.85 per hour
Shift Manager $10.08 per hour
Manager $10.14 per hour
General Manager $12.59 per hour
Guest Service Agent $10.39 per hour
Lobby Attendant $8.52 per hour
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