Zero Waste and scale integration


There is a real movement towards zero waste retailing (google it) and very few EPOS options.  Loyverse is really close to having this market to itself as you have the sell by weight thing already sorted where some big competitors don’t.

Basically the way it works is that the customer weights their container themselves on (commonly available scales) and gets a barcode label printed for the container weight.  They then fill container with product and take to the till.

At the till the product is selected in ePoS, the container weighed and then the barcode label scanned to remove the weight of the container.

All Loyverse needs to open up this market is -

1) Scales integration (preferable but not essential)

2) an additional field in the weight screen to hold the container weight to subtract before committing the sale ( to accept a weight barcode)

Would make sense to allow the both product weight and container weight fields to accept input from a barcode scanner because that opens up the option of customer scanning after product is bagged too.

So no complex integrations, just an extra field in the weight screen and barcode input for weight.

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