Would you like to have Item Variations in Loyverse POS?

In many retail business, apparel stores, etc, item variants it's an important thing. For example for different sizes, colors, materials... As we've researched each item variant could have it's own:
- Price
- Cost
- Barcode
- Stock
- Low stock values
So it is almost like an independent item. In your opinion, what is better about creating Item Variations than to create separate items? How would it help you?


Can you add the ability to post photos of each variant? It'll be helpful if customers want to see what the different colors of each product look like.

It would also be nice if there was a way that customers could custom order products. For example they can choose the composed item that they want and add-ons to their end product.

Definitely Yes and it is clear that the Community wants (expects) it. Also please try to stop having a feature available in IOS Loyverse and not on Android. Some of us use both platforms. You should not release a new feature on either platform until it is available on both.

There is no charge for this advice !



I am a small business owner. When will the variants function use on Android?

I use it on my iPad. It is so hard to find a suitable hardware, so expensive.

Loyverse POS recently added Item Variants!

For the moment it only works for iOS. Item variants can be added from the back office.I leave some pictures here

item variants loyverse POS

list of all the possible variants of the item


the item with variants in the item list


How to use item variants help page

Yes yes & yes! As a retail shop owner, this is vital!

It would save time when entering the new stock, checking out a customer plus reducing the number of SKU's & reading reports would be easier.

I'm new to Loyverse & honestly assumed this feature would be available. This would also be a reason to not continue & find a new POS system, however, I do like most everything else you all have to offer.

I would absolutely love to use this system so I really hope this feature is something that will be added soon.

YES! Having variants with inventory tracking is an absolute primary requirement for us. As of now, our only other option is, say for a Spaghetti Top, we have five items: Spaghetti Top XS Spaghetti Top S Spaghetti Top M Spaghetti Top L Spaghetti Top XL which becomes cumbersome after a while. Item variations would definitely help in not having to create similar duplicate items.
IT would be better to have different variations of a product or item this gives the user choice and specification or variation. On whether that will require different SKU I wouldn't say but it would be great to know the stock of different variants. In case this feature is released do let us know
Rodrigo, There are several upsides to this request. We call it a matrix. Let's say I have a Ronaldo World Cup T-Shirt. It comes in 12 colors and 8 sizes. But all are the same price, same cost, same vendor - all the information is identical except the size and color. Using Viariations ( or Matrix) I can build one item, list the12 color variations and 8 size variations, and the entire group is complete. Without Variations / Matrix, I need to build 96 separate items, duplicating about 75% of the information on each one. That takes a lot longer. Furthermore, when a more robust inventory system arrives, it is much easier to accept a purchase order, and click on 4 colors, than to have to search and find 4 items. The workaround is to use the import function and build a spreadsheet through copying and pasting. Then import the whole Matrix / Variation set as a CSV. This is still 96 items instead of 1, but it makes the data entry easier. It does not improve reporting since this new Ronaldo shirt now takes up 96 lines on a report.
We run a small retail store and variations are a big need for any POS in retail store. The simplest examples in day-to-day use are: Smoke/Cigrette: Some brand(Main Product): Different Colours/Size (Variations) Choclates: Some brand(Main Products): Different flavours (Variations) Stationary: Notebooks(Main): Different Pages (Variations) Drinks: Coke(Main): Regular/Vanilla/Diet (Variations) And many more..... Without variations, I have an item list of about 1000 items (And plenty left out). With variations, it could be just about 100-150 items. Same way I feel for Categories/Sub Categories, but we can still survive with current offering. Thanks.

What is better about creating Item Variations than to create separate items?

  1. That is how things in real life works. People generally search for an item and then look for its variety.
  2. Consistency in naming items. Today if you have named items as T-Shirt Black, T-Shirt White, and six months down the line if a new color is received, you may name it as Blue T-Shirt. With variations, you search for T-Shirts and add a new color variation.
  3. Reduces inventory clutter.
  4. In many cases, variations will have same price or tax. So lesser data entry during creating items using variations, than to create separate items.
  5. Consistent with other similar POS products.
  6. User community wants it.
Loyverse POS should have this feature built in as currently it is not ideal for running a massage spa for example where treatments are offered with various durations for each treatment. I suppose it could be done by creating separate items or even modifiers but its "messy".
Yes, that would be a great feature. Our business is retail and have different variations. It will greatly help us manage our stock more effectively.
Should have this, yes. It is more consistent with how e-commerce platforms work, more intuitive to drill down and categorize (find the core product and know that sizes and colours are beneath) and most importantly, reduce the item catalog. We have 3000+ SKUs now where we have to use categories to define brands and type of product within a brand and then every single item has to have its own record since the current variation/modifer design does not support unique UPC and inventory levels. Our item catalog could be about 2000 SKUs if this were the practice.
Variations would be good as we sell drinks in different sizes. But each variation would need to have the ability to have a differernt price too.
Hi. Sounds like a good idea to create Item Variations. In our particulare shop it would be great option! We sell in grams and kilos, and we have diffferent prices for different abount of the same product, so Item Variations might help us to make it easier for us to use the POS! We used modifiers in the past, but they "mess up" the prices, so we cannot use them for every item that we have. Waiting for it or some kind of other alternative, I Appreciate all your hard work! :)
We currently use modifiers to sort of achieve this, works well enough
For cafe and food store it does not affect, it always matter when you have one item with different color. It only matters in cafe or food joint when it has different sizes and shapes in serving food items. Good for retail stores.
yes sure! I'm waiting for it!
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