Will there be the ability to sell by fraction?

A good example is an app caled Zobaze POS. They give users the ability to sell their products by fraction.


Need more information to be able to answer this

Is it possible to add an option to sell products as "0.25, 0.50, 0.75" etc. instead of just whole numbers?

It would make selling in multiple units / sizes / lengths for each item easier. It would also make it easier to track stock/inventory.

Currently the app allows me to sell my products in whole units (by 1's). It would be nice if I could also sell using smaller amounts.

It would also make pricing management easier.

Instead of having to figure out how many smaller units go into larger units (how many grams in a kilogram or how many centimeters in a meter) and then having to find the cost price and retail price of each smaller unit, the POS system will calculate that for me.

By adding in the cost price/retail price for a whole item (for 1 kilogram of flour for example) in item inventory the app will figure out the retail price of the flour sold if I put in "0.25" as the amount of product sold.

I hope this helps. :)
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