Will the POS support "In House Accounts" (i.e. customers who pay on credit)?

And how to print "Customer History" or "Statement"?


Yes! This is a very important feature for a business. Many businesses might had to sell on credit, in many suitation we can't say to our regular customers. So in those suitations we can't be dependent on loyverse as it doesn't have credit sale feature.

Hola Rodrigo...

Estamos en República Dominicana y nuestro pequeño negocio es de buffet y servicio de catering...

Independientemente de la venta diaria, recibimos pedidos a crédito diariamente [aprox. 5 órdenes diarias], y nos vemos en la necesidad de utilizar un sistema paralelo, solo para las ventas a crédito.

Sería maravilloso poder manejarlo todo a travez de Leyverse.


Hi, we loved the App but were disappointed to findout that it doesn't Support Credit Sale. We at times sell products on credit and our customers make payments in agreed time frame ( either partial or full). So we would appreciate if Credit Sale option is made available with reminders (via email / SMS) to customers when the due date approaches or if he is late. There is an App "Momobills" that has this option but misses out on all the other good things that Loyverse offers. With regards to Credit Account have following suggestions:

1. With regards to loyalty points, the customer who purchases goods on Credit is already getting the facility of credit from us so loyalty points can be withdrawn / not given but to encourage payment on time a ratio of the original loyalty points can be given to customers making balance payments on time. With regards to customers who are paying in advance installments to buy a product the loyalty point ratio can be increased.

2. Employees should not be able to add the credit sale accounts on their own. But if an employee vouches for a customer for him tobe Given the facility of credit sale that credit sale should somehow be linked to that employee so that if the customer doesn't pay the said amount can be added to employees tab.

3. If you provide the option of advance payments / installments then there should be the option of refund for that.

4. Report with regards to Credit sale should be made available. It should show when the sale was made, to whom it was made, when was due date, when were the installments paid and name of employee who vouches for the customer.

5. Apart from these we feel the need to make corrections in the sales after they have been entered. Also there should be option available to delete a sale.

I'm from the Netherlands, and I also want to support the need of in house accounts.

We've got a lot of regular customers in the bar of our basketball club with open tickets.
Ususaly they will pay their open ticket at the end of the month.

The only thing that bothers me is that the purchase they make is not deducted from stock.
So when I want to take inventory, I also have to count the items on the open tickets.
It would be a good update if items bought on open tickets are immediately deducted from stock.

I need this feature. Seeing a lot on credit and it would make my life a lot easier, but I can not switch to LOYVERSE while this function is not available. Waiting ...

I agree with that, it must be a feature for house account that make a purchse on account, and at the end of the month or at any time, the customer must check for his account and pay for it.

A few questions on this feature here:

1. Would you like to reward customer with loyalty points at the time of "On account" purchase? Or when customer actually makes deposit? Or it does not matter?

2. Should any employee be able to create house accounts for a customers with 0$ credit limit (meaning each customer by default able only to make deposits, i.e. upfront payment). And the option to change credit limit should require special access rights?

3. Do you need an option to refund deposits? If so, how important is this feature for you?

Hello. Yours is a good suggestion and we are considering to develop this features, both of them, since it's not possible to have a customer history of purchases. We still need to study them more until we make a final decition whether it's possible to bring them or not and when. We appreciate your comments, it's helping us a lot to understand our customers needs. May I ask you what kind of business do you have and how often do your customers pay by credit? And also in which country are you located and whether you are currently using Loyverse POS or still deciding to use it. Thank you! :)
Customers pay one time to month, i am in Italy, this feature would me a great step ahead. Now we use open tickets with the name of customer but isn't so useful.
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