Will the POS support "In House Accounts" (i.e. customers who pay on credit)?

And how to print "Customer History" or "Statement"?


I need this feature. Seeing a lot on credit and it would make my life a lot easier, but I can not switch to LOYVERSE while this function is not available. Waiting ...

I agree with that, it must be a feature for house account that make a purchse on account, and at the end of the month or at any time, the customer must check for his account and pay for it.

A few questions on this feature here:

1. Would you like to reward customer with loyalty points at the time of "On account" purchase? Or when customer actually makes deposit? Or it does not matter?

2. Should any employee be able to create house accounts for a customers with 0$ credit limit (meaning each customer by default able only to make deposits, i.e. upfront payment). And the option to change credit limit should require special access rights?

3. Do you need an option to refund deposits? If so, how important is this feature for you?

Hello. Yours is a good suggestion and we are considering to develop this features, both of them, since it's not possible to have a customer history of purchases. We still need to study them more until we make a final decition whether it's possible to bring them or not and when. We appreciate your comments, it's helping us a lot to understand our customers needs. May I ask you what kind of business do you have and how often do your customers pay by credit? And also in which country are you located and whether you are currently using Loyverse POS or still deciding to use it. Thank you! :)
Customers pay one time to month, i am in Italy, this feature would me a great step ahead. Now we use open tickets with the name of customer but isn't so useful.
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