Why is Loyverse free?

What is exactly Loyverse pricing plan?

How can Loyverse off all this for free. I'm sceptical as its all too good to be true! 

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Core Loyverse POS products will be free. However, there are some paid add-ons.

Loyverse POS is free because the company's philosophy is to support the world's small business and entrepreneurship.

As the page 'About us' said: "Loyverse believe that by empowering small business, the bedrock of every country’s economy, we contribute to the welfare of humanity".

Loyverse POS purpose, as a software solution, is to serve the small business owner making easier their everyday duties, boosting their productivity and enhancing their performance. It's already a noble mission, but we want to go one step further and give it for free. But that's not all about; the pricing is just secondary. What we believe is that when someone helps others, we all can receive a greater benefit. That by helping all small businesses owners around the world with this mobile app, the outcome can only be a win for everybody. We can say that Loyverse POS is a giving first initiative and that we want to express it as much as possible. We are in fact developing a pricing plan. And this is an important part of the progress of the app. We will focus to keep growing as our users are growing and cooperate with all of them.
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