When will there be a new Loyverse POS for Android release?

Hi, when will there be a new Loyverse android release, especially with the predefined tickets solution?

Apple is expensive and clumsy to use. Androite has such a variety of nice devices, right size for service etc. But without predefined tickets (or a solution for tables) it's not usable. 

Thanks, J.

there are some differences between the android app and the ios app of loyverse pos. the ios app has more functionality.  Does anyone know when a new android version will be released and when its released will this android version have the same functions as ios?  hope anyone knows. we are mostly interested in the open tickets and predefined tables which work on ios but not on android  hope to get an answer. 
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Some features (latest features) only work in IOS environments.

IOS products are good, but they are very expensive.

The cost of buying an iPad is similar to the cost of building an independent POS system.

Why is the latest feature slow to be reflected on Android?


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You can try to use Android Loyverse POS 2.0 beta. It works fine.


Loyverse POS for Android will have the same functionalities as Loyverse POS for iOS. The new version for Android is in development now. However, there are not news about date of release, at the moment. I can suggest to write the name/number of table on the filed for name or comments of the open ticket untill predifined open tickets will be available on Andoid.

I don't know exactly, why that gap between iOS and Android versions is. But I hear that Loyverse team working to ensure that both versions will be the same. I hear that new Android POS is coming soon with same features as iOS POS.

Truly predifined open tickets is needed for Android as well and the actual version (1.48) doesn't allow to use this. The new version, which will have this feature, is in development now. However there's not information yet about the date of the new release.

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