When will SumUp payments work on Android?

It would be SO amazing to have this feature finally work on Android! I currently have to use the "Card" option and switch between the Loyverse app and the SumUp app and manually enter the amount charged in the SumUp app =( Such an unnecessary hassle! Frustratingly I can link my SumUp acccount with my Loyverse account, but don't have the option to link the SumUp card reader in the Loyverse app =(

Please give us Android users an update!

I want to connect my SumUp card reader to an Asus tablet (android). With the settings, I only have the possibility to install a printer. It works on my IPhone. There are 3 choices for the settings: printers, payment types and general.

On my tablet I see only the choice: printers

Who can help me?

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does anybody know when sumup support for Android will be released?

Many thanks


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I have a Huawei Mediapad T3 10 Tablet with Android 7.0. From Backoffice I have enabled my SUMUP device PIN+ with my account until here, it's OK. When I am logged on the tablet, in Settings, I don't see the Payment Methods, only Printers. Which is the issue?
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We are glad to inform that Loyverse POS on Android now supports SumUp payment provider since v.2.10.

Hi! As I know now is possible to connect SumUp card reader only with iOS devices. There is more information on website: https://help.loyverse.com/help/credit-cards-sumup

Is ther any information about this feature? It's 2018 June and Loyverse for Android still needs that.

I would like to know this too

I also heard from Loyverse team, they plan to do that in near future. I really hope it comes soon
I've heard from the team IZettle will be coming to Android at some point in the future.. So we are getting mixed messages here. IZettele is one of the largest in the UK & Europe. I would be silly to miss this out.
I know that it won't be integrated with iZettle. I also know that it will be integrated with Android, but nothing else, perhaps by the end of this year (?) let's hope so.
SumUp is only available for iOS for the moment, that's the reason you don't have the paymet option in your android device. I heard that SumUp will also be compatible with the Android version of Loyverse POS soon.
yeah... how long ago was that? Currrently there is NO card payment options with Android. Its ridiculous.
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