When is stock calculated?

I noticed that stock is calculated once the payment is done.

This is from a financial point correct, except not working in operational mode for typical bars.

is it the possibility to keep "inventory" and "stock" track separatly. E.g. out of inventory once ordered and out of stock once paid for.






Thanks Vinvent for the suggestion.

Currently there is different ways to control inventory levels.

The first one is set "low stock notifications". You can set a low stock value and receive a notification when the item reaches that number. If you use Loyverse Dashboard you will receive a push notification in real time, both when the item is low in stock and when it's out of stock.

Using Loyverse Dashboard you can check inventory levels, but also from the item list in Loyverse POS app, like shown in this screenshot.


Recently a new feature was added to receive negative stock alerts when we try to add out of stock items to a new ticket. You can read more about it here: https://help.loyverse.com/help/negative-stock-alerts

Although this doesn't solve your original question, it can help you have an overview of your current inventory levels during operation.

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