What tablet device do you recommend for Loyverse?

What tablet or device do you use as POS and what was your experience, performance wise? Thanks!
Or else create a closed network in your store and work everything on wireless/ethernet instead if possible. I think its more reliable to interconnect everything together via ip

Acer Chromebook R11 - A fully foldable / inexpensive workhorse.  Runs Loyverse as a native application.  Attaches readily to both of my Bluetooth printers. All day battery life.



Check it out.  

Check out this Stand for Android tablets or iPad. It's specialy designed for the star mPOP printer + cash drawer that works together with Loyverse POS.

Does anyone know if a Lenovo Tab E10 is compatible with Loyverse?

Should be compatible. Important is that it's Android 4.2 or above.
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A Loyverse user also shared about his tablet, in this own words "Acer Iconia Tab 10 A3-A40 has TWo USB ports (A MUST). One micro USB port for power and other to hook in OTG ( on the go cable) to USB HUB, so you can plug in USB printer, USB scanner etc... works like a charm. Good Luck : )" 

Apple S5 work good... item picture very small but very clear.
Apple S6 Plus perfect but work very good but for POS too expensive many cheaper phone make same work
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge work very good but for POS too expensive many cheaper phone make same work
Lenovo TAB3 7 Essential - Android 5.1 - 1 GB Ram - 16 GB Rom - 2990 THB Thai Baht - Picture size good in the Landscape perfect size for work in Hand Very good price for perfect work quick and safe
Motorola - Moto C - Android 7.0 - 1GB Ram - 16GB Rom - 2200 THB Thai Baht - work very good safe and quick only the Item picture can more Big
Have a look how i have fixed the tablet to the desk https://photos.app.goo.gl/NfjJEY2o89fIMTmb2 Lenovo Yogatab 3 10" The stainless steel fixture fastens the tablet to the table (there is a nut under the table) and also allows the tablet to rest on a custom angle to use it when standing. In other cafe I have a very simple and cheap solution made out of special door handle bolt and nuts.
Hello, Loyverse can work on any device with Android 4.2 and more and on iPad for sure. But I know that Sumsung tablets work fine without any problems. Just I can recommend to you that it has to support Bluetooth if you want to connect wireless printers. I'm also interesting... do you use Loyverse in one location or in multi-store?
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