What printer do you use with Loyverse POS?

If many of us share which printers are you currently using we could create a database of compatible printers to help many other users purchase their hardware. So please share the exact models you are using.


List of printers tested by users:

3nStar RPT010 (USB+RS232+Ethernet)

BYTES WiFi POS/Kitchen Thermal Printer

EastRoyce ER-58A (Bluetooth) 

EastRoyce ER-80WF (Wi-Fi)

Epson TM-P20 (Bluetooth (optional), Wireless, USB 2.0 Type Mini-B)

Epson TM-T82 (Ethernet + USB)

Epson TM-T82II (Ethernet)

Ronhta RP820 (Ethernet + USB + RS232) 

Sewoo LK-TE201 (Ethernet + USB)

Star TSP 650 (Bluetooth)



I am new to Loyverse and I am still testing the app for my needs. It seems to be a good fit. As for printers, I am using Citizen CMP-20BT 58 mm thermal printers. These are working great for receipts. I had 46 of these donated to me for use with a few non-profit groups I work with.

Issyzone IMP001

Portable bluetooth thermal printer for Android and iOS, 58 mm

Issyzone IMP001 portable printer

I recently bought Epson TM-T88V Ethernet knowing that it was compatible with Android. But to my surprise it's compatible with Apple/iOS as well! Used prices for this printer are around $100 on eBay making it the most economical brand name one.

I use the USB 4 POS from Makro RSA

I am using Taiwan PRP085 80mm Bill Printer with USB and Ethernet communication port.

Hi All, has anyone tested Epson TM-T82II Ethernet/USB Psu Black AU V2 Thermal Receipt Printer + 24V cash drawer + IOS Loyverse yet?  I have seen people tested with T82 but I'm not sure if T82 and T82II are different. I cannot return when I buy so I have to ask for your support. Thank you all!

Hi Alan, where did you see T82 works on iOS?. Please let me know. Thanks
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Haven't used it.
But are there other printers available? or you are set on getting that one?
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So far, the cheapest loyverse-compatible thermal printer that I know of is the ITPP047 from Issyzone POS and comes with usb+ethernet connectivity. Paper size is 80mm. It only costs P3899 (philippine peso).

Where did you get the printer sir?
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are you from PH? Where can I find this printer?
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I use the Epson TM-T88V Ethernet.

it's expensive but reliable and I can get it to print logos and graphics at the top of the bills. 

used it for 7 clients so far, oldest is over a year now and no problems this far.

I have a TM-T88IV with USB port installed. Do you have any issue with the printer not advancing a few rows at the end and auto cutting the receipt? For some reason the auto cut is intermittent on our setup and we often have to manually feed after it prints and manually tear off the receipt.
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Hi, Do you use it with iPad?
Thanks, Mark
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Not with iPad.. only with Android.
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Use cheap 58mm bluetooth, rechargable battery NP100 printer from Aliexpress. Price was less than 40 eur with shipping. It has also a cash drawer socket, but do not know if it works. We only print reciepts if the customer demands (maybe 1 reciept per month) . Printer is switshed off and left in cabinet drawer. For the cash drawer i built an electric switch under the cabinet, that opens the drawer.

Also tested another even cheaper printer from Aliexpress ZJ-5805. works fine.



Both printers have just 1 small issue. Need to press feed after printing or the row with reciept number will be in the beginning of next reciept. It is probably an setting issue, but i have not been able to find it and as we print 1 reciept in the month, it is not an issue. We sell Ice cream...

Most of our clients use the Apple iPad 5th Gen (2017 or 2018) and 80mm BYTES Printer.

Works very well with Loyverse POS as Receipt and Kitchen Printer :)

Our clients loved that the 80mm x 70mm (thicker) thermal paper roll can fit this printer. Also works with iOS and Android :)

This is printer manufacturer and developer EastRoyce

Official Contact E-mail : sales@eastroyce.com

Official Website: www.eastroyce-pos.com

Whatsapp : 008618503022541

Skype :    endless5201

Our Mobile models ER-58A and ER-80WF are already approved and listed by Loyverse officially.

As Printer Tech Pro, for your convenience , Let me try to explain exactly about EastRoyce printers for your selection.

Loyverse has Android version and iOS version, We will first suggest our mobile printers to you. 

Note: 99.99% regular mobile printers(including the following listed 3 mobile models) do not support driving cash drawer.

If you have project that need a superior mobile printer that supports driving cash drawer, which costs at 450~500usd/unit, contact us.

If you are looking for cost-effective model that supports driving cash drawer via Loyverse, choose our ER-80IVW WiFi Desktop Printer,it could work perfectly with both Android and iOS Loyverse POS. 

here is the link:

You could also watch the youtube video how it works with iOS Loyverse POS to print receipt , print bill, print kitchen order, open cash drawer. 

We have 3 cost-effective mobile models for Loyverse for your selection.(Do not support driving cash drawer)

model 1 :  ER-58A with Bluetooth interface, it can support only Android Loyverse POS, 

this model will use the paper with width 58mm ( You could say smaller), it is using normal thermal paper ( 0.15~0.7usd per roll )

here is the link:

model 2 :  ER-58W with wifi interface, it can both support Android Loyverse POS and iOS Loyverse POS,  

this model will use the paper with width 58mm ( You could say smaller), it is using normal thermal paper ( 0.15~0.7usd per roll )

here is the link:

model 3 :  ER-80B2W with bluetooth + wifi interfaces together , wifi interface can both support Android Loyverse POS and iOS Loyverse POS,  bluetooth can support Android Loyverse only . 

this model will use the paper with width 80mm ( You could say paper is more wide , you can print more content in  each line), it is using normal thermal paper  ( 0.15~0.7usd per roll )

here is the link:

The package of  printer is as following (charger plug type will be the type for your country): 

As factory , we provide 18months International warranty, once printer has problem which is caused by non-human behavior during warranty period, we will deliver spare parts to repair or new printer to replace,  for free.

New to Receipt Printers.
How do you setup Ethernet and/or USB printer to work with iOS especially iPhones.

I would be needing 2 printers for Kitchens and one for receipt.
email: Offroad@saigal.us
WhatsApp:- +971554466851
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I use Epson TM-P20

I use a 3nstar RPT010 with a iPad

We use Star TS650 Bluetooth which work very well and also support the cash drawer.

Hello, I know that Star and Epson printers are the best, but their price could be a bit high. So if you want to cut your expenses for hardware you can use cheap Chinese devices such as Xprinter or Posiflex Aura 69007. Actually, Posiflex printers are famous. Also, you can find all list of hardware supported by Loyverse here: https://loyverse.com/hardware I'm also wondering did you test any printer already?

I use the Q200 Bluetooth printer from Xprinter with my Lenovo tablet, very good.
Very fast and good printer which is sold under the name q200 on AliExpress for about $58.14
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