What is SEO?


It's about how to make your site in top 3 google.
Some steps we have thare https://loyverse.town/i-have-a-small-cafe-in-zurich-how-can-i-increase-the-traffic-of-customers

Today, the number of sites on the Internet is already a huge amount. This is supposed to be the business of the Internet and earn on it. Everyone is struggling for a place in the sun, which indicates a tough competition. Everyone wants a piece from a big pie, that is, be on the first page of the search engine, otherwise, the user may just not find you. You can have a quality website, creative design, unique content, but this is not enough to be in the TOP positions. For this, there is SEO-optimization.

SEO is the attraction of traffic to your website using a high ranking on the map and organic search listings in Google for keywords related to your business. You can not pay for placement in organic results. Google has an algorithm that determines where and on which page of your site the most relevant information is located and compares it with other relevant sites. In search results for keywords, you essentially try to show the algorithm that your site responds best to a given user request.
A stereotype works: if the company is located in the heart of the city, then this firm is thriving. Similarly, this stereotype works with SEO promotion. Sites in TOP are, as a rule, the most respected sites.
Therefore, the higher the site in the TOP, the more traffic it will have. We recommend being on the top-5 search results for the most important queries.

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