What is sales scripts and how it work?


sale script. humanity sells something every day.

Scripts or selling questions are communication algorithms. They consist of the following stages:

  1. Opening conversation.
    The very first phrase and the interception of the initiative in order that you could ask questions normally, in order that the client would not send you from the first 3 words, in order that you could stay in the conversation, I make clear who you are from where you are, on what occasion you call and what you want next.
  2. Asking questions
    why are you interested?
    What do you want to get as a result?
    And what is critical for you when choosing which one would be the opposite?
    Focus on the terms, on the budget?
    They allow you to run a person in the right corridor of thinking and go to the answers that you need. And here there is no place for manipulation or NLP technology, cheating, no. You make sure that communication with the client is an equal process, where you respect the client just like he respects you. You are not trying to vaporize something, you are not trying to press, you are not trying to play on his feelings of guilt or pity. You conduct a mutually respectful conversation in order to benefit.
  3. Offer.
    Price name
  4. Revival and working with them.
    I will think, dearly, I'm not interested, there are already 1000 answers to all these thin places. Your problem is not unique, humanity sells something every day.
  5. Closing
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