What is order management?


Order management is the process of managing orders received from customers. It includes all necessary processes like:
1. Placing order by the customer;
2. Checking inventory stock for ordered items;
3. Forming invoice to the customer;
4. Shipping ordered items after the customer pays the invoice;
5. Communication between the customer and seller;
6. Buying new items from suppliers and updating the inventory stock.

These are the most popular and core steps of order management.

Order management is closely linked with inventory management, and in some cases, it can be considered as a part of order management.

What is order management system?

The order management system (OMS) is an order management software, which helps to control order processing and process data about it.

OMS is a much-needed instrument for e-commerce, especially if you sell goods on several websites or platforms. It helps to more accurately manage orders and keep a record of all actions by each channel.

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