What feature would you most like Loyverse to have?

Auto discounts you can set up in the back office for me. It's a must!

Knowing a bit more about what's going on regards to updates would be good too.


Thanks, Nick.  That must be a more recent feature add.  It doesn't work for Android yet (iOS only), so hopefully soon. Thanks for your reply.  https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-work-cash-rounding

Good suggestions!

And configurable receipts. Realize that many food users are happy with receipt as is. For retail we need options like ability to print UPC, SKU or category depending on how we have configured Loyverse.  Our description field needs to be formatted to work for the limited characters the tiles display to make it useful on the tablet. A more ideal receipt for the customer would include the ability for us to toggle on or off fields like the above to have them print as well.  This would make the receipt much like other retail stores. The addition of UPC/bar code makes it very clear what that particular item is.

On the same topic.... sales and discounts.  Loyverse needs an infrastructure where you can configure time limited sales/discounts.  This would also print on the receipt at the line item.  Regular price, sale price.  At the bottom of the receipt, today you saved $xx.xx.  

We get so many customers coming back to us thinking they were overcharged because they do not understand the discount lines separated on the receipt as they apply to the entire sale, not at the item level.

Integration with Moneris Payd, PaydPro payment system?

Finally... since August 2016, in Canada need abillity to round cash sale to +/- $.05. We cheat with a 1 or 2 cent sale or 1 or 2 cent discount but the math sometimes does not work and Loyverse cannot round it exactly to the $.05 level.


@Purple Moose : I'm very new to using Loyverse, but I'm pretty sure I found, when exploring the system, the ability to set rounding for payment types. In the back office, go to Settings -> Payment Types and click on 'Cash' (it's grey because you can't delete it, but it can be clicked on). Then there's a rounding option.
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