What feature would you most like Loyverse to have?

Auto discounts you can set up in the back office for me. It's a must!

Knowing a bit more about what's going on regards to updates would be good too.

Happy Hour pricing. And customizable colors for categories and items beyond the included 8 or so.
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I would like to be able to not just enter the total amount of cash when opening or closing a shift but enter the amounts for (configurable) coins and bills (23 x € 1 coins, 15 x €5 bills etc.) This would prevent calculation mistakes and ease cash management.
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This would be great - should definitely be implemented
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1. The ability to partially close tickets in the kitchen display. As it is right now, when closing a ticket you have to have deliver all foods or items on that ticket. It will be extremely helpful and nice if you can mark items as they are being send out from the kitchen to now what’s missing from that ticket instead of having to remember it.


2. For the loyalty system it will be nice if certain points can be awarded outside of a ticket. Say 50 points for first visit. 100 points for birthdays, etc. Also being able to add more info on the customer account such as birthday, number of visits, etc.

for waiter role can make a ticket but can't click charge  button becauce didn't cashier role

Let us choose different variants by simply tapping it to add it on Ticket, without having to "Save" it to put another variant.

We are selling clothes with different sizes, and we need to "Save" the first Size to put it to Ticket, to be able to go to the next Size.

And I observed that the Gross and the Net on all the reports are interchanged. How can we make an official reports if the Gross and Net are mixed up.

I would love to see these 3 features:

1- We need to know in the back office when someone  has clicked on an order and marked it as complete through the KDS screen.

2- We need to change the sender name in the purchase order, currently it’s Loyverse Support, and my suppliers wont appreciate it because they expect to see our name.

3- It would be really great if there’s an option to  show an indication if the items that make a composite product being produced in the production environment are low or out of stock before confirming production.

Because before producing 3 cakes , it would help me by knowing if the stock of those ingredients are available to produce it, or in some instances aren’t. To quickly purchase them.


This will also be important say a customer ordered a big amount and I want to check if I have the resources to produce them to begin with or not.


The addition is really simple it’s just an indication that appears either yellow/red to indicate anticipated out of stock or low stock in the item(s) produced before clicking on create 

Point one going as far as being able to check items as complete Instead of mark whole order as complete.
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Maybe it's just the low quality of the screens on my tablets, but it's almost impossible for me to tell when a modifier is selected. So the ability to change the highlight color or contrast would be extremely useful to me. It is my only true issue with Loyverse. As a programmer, API support would also be an absolute dream. I would work for your company for free, helping to develop and bug test new features if it meant we could impliment API support.

2 fold requirements :

1. Edit quantity after adding it to open order.

2. Ability to save receipt as an image to be shared directly on WhatsApp or 'open in WhatsApp' type apps.

I would like to have the ability to accept part payment on a bill and have an outstanding balance for the customer. 

Also it would be nice if I can enter quantity by fractions rather than just whole numbers only. 

Integrate Loyverse with Quickbooks Online please.

I would like to have a consignment sales record in the apps. 




When I save a ticket with a list of items I would like the system to make it not available to sell if the item is saved and the inventory doesnt have any more, EX.


I have 2 notebooks on inventory, I select 1 and save it on a bill, now the inventory should say 1 available, while the other is saved on a pending ticket

credit sale options. weekly or monthly want to received payment from customer.

a section for customer to be able to run a tab (credit) & pay at the end of the week.

the open ticket named ( ORDER ) I need it to be added to the Receipts report when we Export it,
It would be helpful to count the commission for the staff , when you add them to the open ticket

I asked for this yesterday too - whilst reconciling a recent event I noticed some volunteers had been closing off the open tab (that should be discounted by 100% before closing) as “cash paid” - explaining the discrepancies in the cash drawer.

If I open individual receipts in the back end, I can see which started as saved tickets by the “order” - unfortunately this field isn’t exported when you export all receipts - the lonely way to view it is to click each receipt individually in the back office.
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Better employee management...
Ability to input shift times per employee so overtime hours are auto calculated
Ability to add notes to employee
Ability to add photo to employee

I would like to have an option of adding a 2nd barcode to an item. For example, I sell books and sometimes they have multiple ISBN numbers depending upon the company who is distributing or publishing the book, if I could add the second barcode to the item so it can be read vs. having to add the same item twice with a different barcode.

I agree. It's a pain having to add the same product twice because the bar code has changed. Would be much simpler being able to add other barcodes to the product.
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The ability to span midnight as 'one day' (or shift) in the Back office statistics. e.g. Our working day starts at 5pm and finishes at 2am the next day. To analyse and gather statistics for the shift, I have to extract the midnight to 2am from the previous day, and add the midnight to 2am from the next day, to see the shift analysis.


For any “bar” type operation it would make the analysis do much quicker / simpler
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I'd love to see a touch 10-key pop up when I hit an item button.  At the same time I'd like the default "1" in quantity to be selected so when I type in a number in the 10-key it would change, rather than add to (for instance if I want 99 as a quantity, I currently have to first delete the "1" rather than just start typing).  If 10-key impossible, then just having the default "1" selected so that I can just start typing would be a help. But After I selected an item (option) all I'm ever going to be changing is the quantity, nothing else, so I don't need the whole "keyboard".

I would love integration with Quickbooks Canada

The ability to check idems on Kitchen Display that have already been served to the customers whithout closing the whole ticket. 

Also, for void tickets to be in the sales reports with the reason why it was void. 

Automated  happy hour pricing set to happy hour times Please 

and be able to edit item ticket afetr being saved as open ticket :)

to be able to charge directly after spliting ticket by items instead to have to save and open ticket again etc....

The option to send a receipt via text message, instead of just by email.

If that is not possible (as I know nothing about coding), then an option within the app, on one of the screens in the transaction process, to save copy of receipt as jpg/pgn/pdf, which I can then send in a text message. As it is now, I have to rely on screenshots and sometimes the receipt is too long and requires multiple screenshots. Not very professional looking on the receiving end, I'm sure.

Other than that---thanks for the GREAT app!!!!

- Ability to add additional cuantities of items already on a saved ticket.  For instance, customer 1 orders a coca-cola.  Then the ticket is saved, coke is served to client.  Then client requests a 2nd coke, so I have to add it as another item.  Instead, it would be quicker if we could adjust a quantity value in the item that is already saved in the ticket.  

  1. Ability to add categories, suppliers on the fly when entering a product inventory.  Instead of having to set that up first before adding a product.  
  2. Option to manually enter a variable / custom sale amount.  Square has this, where you can enter any item / service that isn't in the database, and can assign a note & amount to it, and it's added to receipt for payment.  No need to enter a product.  This is useful for items & services which are not regular.  Such as maybe a client wants to buy a pieces of artwork we have on the wall.  Or charging for a food / service item, which isn't normally offered.
  3. Customizable receipt option to add an image or marketing / coupon message as well as QRC code.  This should appear on print as well as email receipt 
  4. XML option to send receipt details to external accounting system.  I guess this could be achieved in an app.

i would like to see: option for customers to pay with XRP crypto currence via a QR code shown in the customer display.

Loyverse generates the amount to be paid and customer can pay via XRP wallet app (toast, coinbase wallet etc) on phone. Why XRP and not Ethereum or other coins? because the payment of XRP is in 3 seconds and it's almost free. Receive money even without a bank account!

here is an example how you can already use this but without the integration in loyverse.


I would like a bottle deposit feature that can be added to items such as pop cans, beer bottles, etc. We need to be able to add it as an automatic add-on and have it added on with no taxes charged. 

It would be nice to do bottle refunds as well. 

I would really like to have a "shift" type feature that allows a day to be specified past midnight, that is viewable in Back Office and Dashboard. What I mean by this is: Our bar/cafe is open for example from 6pm to 1:30am on Colombian Standard time. When analysing sales, costs etc. in Back Office, I have to look at the late part of the day i.e from 6pm to 11:59pm then subtract the previous sales from midnight to 1:30am. I then have to look at the following day from midnight to 1:30am. to compare loyverse's sales with the shift for the day. We have looked at changing out time zone settings, but then all the receipts are out by 2 or more hours.

If we were able to view sles by shift, in Back office buy just entering start of shift and end of shift. I understand that there is the ability to enter a custom time start of one day and a custom end to the next day, but this only displays the total saled for that day, not hour by hour in Backoffice. 

Downpayment feature:  A customer can come and make a payment on their items and have a balance receipt sent to them.

Also the ability to Send an estimate without taking a screenshot. Like a pro forma invoice.


I've just started uploading my first items and there are 3 things that stand out to me most and would make a huge impact.

1. Items should be able to sort by SKU/Part # or Name, not just name.  Otherwise it forces me to use valuable description characters to include the part number first, then the description.

1.1 Adding a thumbnail of the icon/color/image to the item list page would make it easier to know if the image was imported or not and visually move through the list instead of opening each item.

2. It would save a ton of time to be able to import the photos and have them mapped in another column on the import sheet. For example, column U could be "Image" and the name of the file could be placed here.  Then with a new import dialogue window multiple files could be uploaded at once.  Import the images first, then upload the item list to find the images.

3. Category Images - First, they need the capability to have an image, then there should be the same import dialogue for category list as there is for items, again mapping the image.

Obviously 2 and 3 would take quite a bit of coding, but adding a category image until then should be an easy fix until they can be fully implemented.

Exchange rates,  in some countryes you can pay with local currency and us dollars

Loyverse should have an option to Convert without use a calculator, just before start vending the Exchange rate

1. fast payment screen- for my situation as a fast service cafe a fast payment sceen would be perfect if added to the sales screen. small keypad size with option to accept card/tyro/cash

2. table button- i would replace dine in or takeaway option and change it to takeaway as defult or choose  table numbers to give the option as dine in. each venue can choose the number of tables according to their size 1-20 or 1-25.

3. option to set items as modifier- that will give an option to set modifiers on the same scrren as the products that need to be modified. for example for coffee(large for size, skim, sugars ect)


Please add Epson TM-T20II bluetooth as a possible kitchen printer too.

Tips Feature that allows users to record a tip amount to the ticket, however, it must not be recorded in the Gross Sales amount.

So when closing a ticket, have a tip field that the user can input and close the ticket.
In the backoffice, have a menu where the tips that have been recorded are listed there, but do not add it to the Gross Sales total.

Currently, we are recording the tips but as a menu item and it is being added to the Gross Sales total which is incorrect.


would love tables in replacement of open tickets, 

Color coding for add-ons in modifier. 

Calculation of profit margin by including cost of add-on items in modifier. 

The ability to send estimates to customers. The screenshot just does not capture long options and doing it from the iPad means we have to crop. Customers call in orders, email and send orders via messaging apps, we would like a way to export the order even if it is a png, jpg or your same HTML format, that we can send to them in the app of choice.

Downpayment or layaway option. Like higher purchase where the person can make multiple payments towards their purchase and their payment, subtracted from their balance and a receipt showing both the balance and the total paid.

Thanks to all at loyverse town 

Can we have an own barcode options, example : to read and collect the item weight from barcode.



Hi! Thanks for the great app! I'd like to have couple of new features:

- In the back office / sales by item, the ability to sort columns by ascending or descending order (most or least sold item, or margin on each item). As of now, I need to export the sheet and import in excel, then filter the result

- Would it be possible to export data to xlsx, pdf and csv as well?


Thanks a lot for your assistance!

I do want a Self-Ordering system with Loyverse. I think that customers can use it easily.

Just give them an indivisual pass code to input their order. 

I just noticed that you can't break down registered customer sales in any way. It just gives a running total from their first purchase to their last purchase.

It would be useful to be able to break the sales down to monthly, weekly, daily or how ever you wanted to sort the sales.

We have customers who get fuel and pay monthly so it would be very handy to be able to check what they got on a given month.

Thanks, Nick.  That must be a more recent feature add.  It doesn't work for Android yet (iOS only), so hopefully soon. Thanks for your reply.  https://help.loyverse.com/help/how-work-cash-rounding

Good suggestions!

And configurable receipts. Realize that many food users are happy with receipt as is. For retail we need options like ability to print UPC, SKU or category depending on how we have configured Loyverse.  Our description field needs to be formatted to work for the limited characters the tiles display to make it useful on the tablet. A more ideal receipt for the customer would include the ability for us to toggle on or off fields like the above to have them print as well.  This would make the receipt much like other retail stores. The addition of UPC/bar code makes it very clear what that particular item is.

On the same topic.... sales and discounts.  Loyverse needs an infrastructure where you can configure time limited sales/discounts.  This would also print on the receipt at the line item.  Regular price, sale price.  At the bottom of the receipt, today you saved $xx.xx.  

We get so many customers coming back to us thinking they were overcharged because they do not understand the discount lines separated on the receipt as they apply to the entire sale, not at the item level.

Integration with Moneris Payd, PaydPro payment system?

Finally... since August 2016, in Canada need abillity to round cash sale to +/- $.05. We cheat with a 1 or 2 cent sale or 1 or 2 cent discount but the math sometimes does not work and Loyverse cannot round it exactly to the $.05 level.


@Purple Moose : I'm very new to using Loyverse, but I'm pretty sure I found, when exploring the system, the ability to set rounding for payment types. In the back office, go to Settings -> Payment Types and click on 'Cash' (it's grey because you can't delete it, but it can be clicked on). Then there's a rounding option.
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