What do you think about the sunmi V1 device?

We would like to know your opinion and experience about this device. Did you use it together with Loyverse? 

Check out the SUNMI V1


This video will help you setting Sunmi Device!


I'm having a small problem with v1s, it can print orders but can't print receipt.  Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks

Anyone help me to change language to global version? I would like to set vietnamese on Sunmi V1. Thanks alot.

I am using Sunmi V1S is faster than V1, worked well with Loyverse 

I have a Sunmi V1, and the only problem is that is printing the ticket after 5 second I press the comand. When when I have a people waiting in the line, 5 second is a lot! I aredy instal the las version from play store!
I want to add that recently some of our users experienced dificulties with this device. It looks that the device comes with the Loyverse POS app in their app store, but it's an old version, and it doesn't work properly.

Looks like good device.
It has 5.5-inch multitouch screen, 
1.3GHz, Quad-core processors 4 GB Nand Flash
high battery-powered Same style with XiaoMi power bank which allows to work up to 48 hours and make 5000 prints under full power.
58 mm printer,  74 mm/s printing speed.
Quickly identify QR code within 0.7 seconds Designed for scanning mobile phone QR code
Wifi, Bluetooth, Ibeacon, 3G, Mic, 1 sim card, USB, 
Good hardware for small business.
All details you can find here:
Few videos about how Loyverse works with Sunmi you can find here,  here  and here

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