What are the employee management features in Loyverse?


Employee features in Loyverse POS inlude adding employees, sales by employee reports, clock in/out feature to calculate working hours, and access rights to enter and to use the Loyeverse app.

Adding employees:

As the owner of your Loyverse account, you can add several employees or users that can enter and use the POS app. How to add an employee -> https://help.loyverse.com/help/employee-loyverses Every employee has its own PIN code, through which they can identify themselves inside the POS app.

In your café or restaurant, you may use several devices with the Loyverse POS app installed and logged in with you account. Every time you open the app it will request you to enter the PIN code, and the employee will be able to acccess using its own, ready to enter the new order or ring up the next sale. More details about how employees can access to the app in this other thread.

Access Rights for employees:

One of the advantages of adding an employee in your account is that you can restrict or limit their actions in the app. If you fear your employees may change items information, delete orders, apply extra discounts, or you don't want them to access to your stores sales information, you can apply the neccessary access rights to avoid this kind of problems. To manage access rights you need to go to the back office -> Employees -> Access Rights

Sales by Employee Reports

Loyverse POS tracks employees activity and you can consult all the reports from the back office: Back Office -> Sales Reports -> Sales by employee

Loyverse POS take account of who charged the receipts, and you can see information such as Gross Sales, Refunds, Discounts, Net Sales, number of receitps, and average sales.

Clock In/Out

You can also activate this option to start calculating working hours. Employees can clock in and register the time when they start working, and clock out to register when they finished their shift. Loyverse tracks this information and creates a timecard at the back office that you can check. You can also create your own timecards. More information here-> https://help.loyverse.com/help/time-clock

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