What are good examples of aroma marketing?


Below I will cite a few examples of famous companies who successfully uses aroma marketing.


If you were drinking coffee at Starbucks, you’ll probably notice that they are big fans of sensory branding. Not only are they luring our sense of taste with their impeccable coffee, but they are also enticing with their background music. The music that is played in the stores are recorded in their own company label – Hear Music. Tracks are monthly approved by the company’s headquarters and later sent to outlets.

With regard to aroma branding, it is strictly regulated. For example, not so long ago, Starbucks stopped selling sandwiches with egg and cheese, because the smell of eggs disrupts the flavor of the coffee.

starbucks cafe

In addition to the techniques mentioned above, it is worth noting the carefully selected color palette, well-designed decor elements, pleasant lighting and the baristas’ bright smiles, which all play in the unique sensual experience.



This premium hotel chain has been using sensory branding since 2007, where the company tested their brand acceptance. The result was the appearance of Seamless – own firm flavor, made with a mix of fresh blueberries, flowers, musk, and vanilla. As online polls and users’ comments showed, this flavor increased the number of visitors and brand memorability for thousands of clients. According to hotel visitors, this Hyatt-exclusive flavor is what gives them the hospitality feeling and calmness.

Hyatt reception

Today, Seamless is used in about 300 hotels in the US. Also, it has been added to a brand’s standard components on an equal basis with a musical background, color gamma and decor.



This British cosmetic company established a model of sensory branding. Lush in stores are using unique and surprisingly shocking aroma, their greatest weapon which can be smelled from a mile away. Also, the biggest part of their goods has a textured surface and sold without packaging, which gives the customers a tactile sensation.

Lush parfumes

Regarding the visual part, Lush focuses on unusual shapes and bright colors. Many of their goods are sold by balls and blocks, like a cheese. This is being done in order to small manufacture. That's why in a store doesn't sound loud music, in Lush should be a dialog between merchant and customer.

Also, I wanna mention the Singapore Airlines (SIA). They use specially designed unique flavor, Stefan Floridian Waters. That aroma was infused in hot towels, which were served during the flight. Also, it was used as stewardesses' perfume.
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