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How to Apply Taxes Depending on the Dining Options

By andres, 04/25/2020

In some countries, the tax on certain goods depends on the dining options. For example, if the customer orders food for takeout, it is not taxed. But in the case of consuming the same food inside the cafe, it is taxed.

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    • By BeerZilla
      I have a bottle shop that is a showcase for our internet sales.  I want need two price tiers for our products.  One price for 'drink in' and another for 'internet/take out'.  Can someone advise me how to set this up?  I'd like the first screen to have these two options and then go on to the separate price tiers.
    • By Fothee
      Hello there Loyverse Lovers, i have search for over one week now to setup my taxes in Loyverse.
      i'm not the smartest person and Belgium is not the best about taxes.
      Is there a tutorial that explain it for me from the beginning please?

      Add an item and setup the VAT and then the dining options please. Can someone please give me a movie from that please?

    • By kakdennis
      I need to set the taxes by dining option
      So I need to apply tax for online delivery order only
      I already configure depending dining option
      So I choose taxes off when dine in and take out, and tax will apply when I choose online delivery
      But the taxes always applied on every item even I choose dine in or take away order
      There are no change, the tax always applied on every item and in every dining option
      Please help, thank you

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      Is anyone having the same issue? I add exceptions (delivery and takeout) for VAT in Backoffice but it doesn't work. It keeps applying VAT for all dinning options, including delivery and takeout. Does anyone know how to solve this?
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      Sometimes a client order a meal (Dine in ), and want another meal (Takeout). How can i put them in the ticket of the same table

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