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How to Accept Credit Cards with Loyverse POS and SumUp

By ink, 03/08/2021

Loyverse POS integrates with SumUp card readers. It allows merchants to accept different kinds of cards when registering sales with Loyverse POS. To Get started with Loyverse POS and SumUp you need:

1. Download and install Loyverse POS app

2. Create your SumUp account https://sumup.com/loyverse/ and receive a card reader

3. Follow these simple instructions http://bit.ly/3egE6WX to set it up

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Some notes that would have saved me some trouble.

SumUp customer service says, if you are using Loyverse on a tablet with SumUp, and you don't intend on purchasing an internet data plan (activated SIM Card), you need to use an iPad. For Android a Wi-Fi connection is not good enough. If you use an Android tablet without internet data, SumUp will inevitably stop taking payments for an indefinite period of time.

After having problems with a Galaxy tablet, I switched to an iPad and haven't had problems since. I never tested Loyverse/SumUp with an Android Tablet + SIM Card.

For festival or pop-up shops, and Android phone with a SIM card will work fine with SumUp.

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It’s unclear which versions of SumUp work with Loyverse. We got more an expensive version, the SumUp Solo to be sure we have enough features, but we can’t get it connected with Loyverse. We wonder if we just lost our money by choosing a wrong SumUp version. All the guides are just talking about using Loyverse with SumUp so we assumed it works with all of them. 

it would be nice to know more on this or should we just put our shiny SumUp Solo getting dust on the shelf. 

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On 4/29/2022 at 9:03 PM, retms said:

you can find your answer here

That post is almost 2 years old and our model SumUp Solo reader didn't even exist then. It has bluetooth connection available too. The guides should specify better what to buy as a model because we especially bought this newest and best model of SumUp Solo (more expensive too) to be sure that we would have the best model to use with Loyverse. We are also asking support from SumUp in case they would have the solution for this.

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