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This would be a great feature (as would allowing the opening cash and closing cash screens to split down denominations and do the tally)

Loyverse POS does't connect to any cash drawer. Currently it uses the triggers from the printer to open the drawer after the sale; in...(more)

Yes. You just name each one as you create it (or accept the default name which is based on the time the tab is opened)

In fact, progressing on from this, if you deliberately set them as “zero stock” and enabled pos low stock notifications they...(more)

If you are using Ethernet printers this can be done by configuring the printer as “other Ethernet” and then changing the advanced...(more)

We use this to call out food orders and the cashier just circles it and tells the customer to listen - but it would be great if there was an...(more)

Have you tried setting up the printer as type “other”?

We use one of the listed Epsom Ethernet printers and recently...(more)

Assuming you only use 1 cash drawer on the printer, you could set up the bar printer as an “other model” printer and...(more)

We have had this a number of times when  “on location” around the UK with events. 

If we rely on a tethered...(more)

You could use variants (assuming there aren’t hundreds!)

eg a margarita/margarita pizza would be normal margarita but a...(more) uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok