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Hello! This is not possible. Labels are printed from Back office - Advanced inventory while orders are sent from POS.  I think is better...(more)

We are glad to inform that Loyverse POS on Android now supports SumUp payment provider since v.2.10.

Hi! You can use Open Ticket which you can save and come back to it later when customer will pay it. Please follow the link for more...(more)

Hello! At the moment Loyverse POS doesn't have such feature.

Hi! I think is better to use your PC only for Back office and for POS to use  Android device. In such way you increase the chances to...(more)

Hello! I think it is like this because 1.9* 6.5%=0.1235 but system rounds it and write only 0.12. Then when it calculates...(more)


Comme je le sais, maintenant, Loyverse n'est pas intégré avec d'autres applications.

Hi there,  I've made sure that all items show "for sale in store" but the composite items I can select from only shows...(more)


All the amounts and prices on the receipt are not specified by any currency, just by a number. However, for paper receipts,...(more) uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok