UNSYNCED RECEIPTS?!? Synced, Oops Something went wrong with the server!

Unsynced receipts? Everytime I sync, it says, Synced! then Oops! Something went wrong with the server! I fixed this before by signing out of Loyverse, but I dont want to lose the transasctions! I have to manually input them again thanks to my printed receipts, but is there any workaround everytime this happens?

Solution tried :

1.Reset Router

2.Reset Android Tablet

3.Reconnect Wifi / Forget Wifi

Still nothing works, last option is to Sign out but I'll loose all the UNSYNCED receipts! This the 4th time this happened, almost 2 months using Loyverse!


I would ask you 1 question to give my hypothesis : What day did you try to sync your receipts?

During week-end (Saturday/Sunday)?

If yes, I think the Loyverse server do not work at 100% during week-end. And this situation will happened each time.

Please let me know,

Alex from Haiti

What type of device are you using?   I would recommend getting it hardline because that will allow it to stay connected.

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