Feature request

Feature request

This topic contains customers’ feature requests. If you have a suggestion for how to improve or enhance Loyverse software, your information is always welcome.


Is a good suggestion!

Could you give more details about how would you like to use a (more)

This would be a great addition for both start and end of shift (obviously with option to enter just the total or a breakdown that auto...(more)

No there is no direct integration of Loyverse with WooComerce. However, you can use export functionality to get items from Loyverse POS and...(more)

No, Loyverse doesn't allow to send receipts through whatsapp.

Thanks Vinvent for the suggestion.

Currently there is different ways to control inventory levels.

The first one is set...(more)

Loyverse can't integrate with other web services.

If the sale was finished, it's not possible to add a customer or make any modifications to the receipt.

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