Questions and answers about marketing. How to promote and advertise your business offline and online, which difficulties you encountered in your business. Specifics of marketing in various areas etc. You can also share your personal experiences.

I don't apply this concept, I think that a customer is not always right. But I try to understand my customers, as far as possible,...(more)

Sensory branding is a marketing approach that uses human senses to make the brand memorable.

A few years ago, almost no one took...(more)

Below I will cite a few examples of famous companies who successfully uses aroma marketing.


If you were...(more)

Native advertising or "natural advertising" is advertising, which looks natural in the environment of non-advertising content: it...(more)

First of all, you need a client base. Communication with potential customers will help make a product that really solves their problems. The...(more)

Today, the number of sites on the Internet is already a huge amount. This is supposed to be the business of the Internet and earn on it....(more) uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok