Management and employees

Management and employees

Discuss issues about company management. Employee relations, teamwork, motivation, employee engagement, owners’ experience, industry and occupation characteristics, etc. 

Employee performance management appeared in the 1960's, and it is used to determine an employee's performance. It has been an...(more)

In today's society, you will need both.  You will have people who want to use self-service but then there are people who want to...(more)

Don't own what is not yours to own.  Do your best to provide service to them and then let them go.  

If you think about long time and big scale, naturally you will try to develop a win-win partnership.
That's not an easy task :) especially if you are 24/7 are surrounded by the food you like... But if you really want to loose weight - then no...(more) uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok