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Discuss issues about working with Loyverse POS in various industries. Questions, suggestions, ‘how to’ cases, difficulties, problems, settings, tips, etc.

If you are referring to the KDS or CDS feature between two iPads, that does not require an internet connection. You only...(more)

That has an easy solution.

Luckily you don't need to print two tickets. You can set up your printer to make it also print orders....(more)


you can change the passcode in the back office, under the employee management section.

hope that helps!

We are a salon and often we have customers who have longer than usual hair length and we might need to chargr extra for these. Modifiers help us...(more)
Rodrigo, There are several upsides to this request. We call it a matrix. Let's say I have a Ronaldo World Cup T-Shirt. It comes in 12 colors and...(more)
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