Loyverse KDS

Loyverse KDS

Discuss issues about working with Loyverse Kitchen Display System. Questions, suggestions, ‘how to’ cases, difficulties, problems, settings, tips, etc.

Do you use a dedicated router for Loyverse? 

If the network is public and you share it with your customers this could lead to...(more)

Yes, you can connect two different printers to the kitchen and to the barista at the same time.

If you want to...(more)

you need a tablet with android 4.3 and up

Download KDS

Hi, yes you can install the Kitchen Display Systems on a 13.3-inch tablet. Checked, works fine

In a busy restaurant with many stations (host starters, cold starters, salads, fryers, grill, etc) it's good to be able to tick-off/clear the...(more)
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