Loyverse CDS

Loyverse CDS

Discuss issues about working with Loyverse Customer Display System. Questions, suggestions, ‘how to’ cases, difficulties, problems, settings, tips, etc.

I would like that but for now, I use Multiscreen and place an image on top of the green part.

Hello. At the moment in the customer display is not able to customize colors. I think it is a good idea to make that feature in the...(more)

Hi, unfortunatelly, CDS could not be branded for now. 

Hi!  It should work well. I think is good idea to approach the support team via chat. Specify version of...(more)

It's not possible to display your menu in the CDS, but it's an interesting idea. In the future we have the idea to make possible to customize...(more)

Right now, the Loyverse CDS app on iOS devices can be connected only with Loyverse POS app on iOS devices.

Loyverse CDS...(more)

I also like this idea. + I think that it will be interesting to clients
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