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Discounts Need More Features .... Desperately


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It is impossible in a busy restaurant/bar to drag a manager over every time a customer wants to order a happy hour beer. You cannot leave the discount open for employees to use when they want to ... if happy hour ends at 6:00 pm ... bartenders will think it is okay to give one more round at 6:15 pm because the customer promises them an extra tip. 

Locked -- time based -- discounts based on days and times is critical in a bar or restaurant.


I also have a Cannabis Shop that discounts based on quantity sold. If you buy 1g of weed you get it for 500/gram ... 3.5g you get for 1375 ... 7g for 2650 ... and so on. You cannot  give the employee access to 7g discount code because they will give that discount to someone that orders 1g.

There are dozens of other needs across the product.


These changes are simple (43 years as a software developer) and I cannot figure out, for the life of me, why your development cycle is so broken. You seem to have a loyal customer base that is literally begging for changes every day in EVERY forum area. Please listen to us?

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