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Coffee shop variants and composite items


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I own a cafe and am implementing Loyverse. Im trying to get the inventory and stock control sorted but I have problems allocating Variants to coffee options if 

I have the "composite item" selected ie:

Item - Cappuccino is a "Composite item" as it has "component items" - Espresso + Milk

I would like to track Espresso grams usage and milk usage.

A Cappuccino can also be a variant: Regular or large, Red or Baby - so I have many variants for each coffee drink item but if I try and track stock by selecting the 

Compositie item - then I loose the variant options ??

Can someone please explain if I'm doing something wrong and what's the best way to do the above ?



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In our system, the variant feature and composite item feature cannot be activated at the same time simultaneously. Hence, my suggestion would be that if you value stock control to the ingredients of your items then I suggest activating the Composite item that way, you can track its ingredients and as for its sizes, you can simply create a new item per size i.e. Cappuccino (Red), Cappuccino (Baby), etc. This way might be more tedious however this'll help you to track the stocks of your items through composite item and manage the stocks more easily. 

You also have the option to use our Import-Export of Items feature of Loyverse to make it more quickly in creating the items. You can check out the following guides/links provided from our Help Center for more information: 

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