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Is there a way to know, who sold what?


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Is there a way to know, who sold what? Instead of just knowing who charged the bill?

I have a restaurant, the tables aren't assigned to waiters, instead they provide service to all the tables, they each have their own user.

I want to know who sold what at the end of the day, not that my cashier "sold" everything that shift because she was the one closing the taps.

Is there a way to fix this? or a workaround or something?


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Unfortunately, if all the tickets are charged by one cashier, there is no way to assign them to the certain waiter. 

As a workaround, in this case, your waiters can add their names to the ticket comment.


Ticket comments are printed on the charged receipts and visible on the receipt in the back office, but they are not included in the export receipt file. I means that you will need to go through the receipts one by one to check who sold what. 



As we are always working on improving our product, I will be happy to send it to our development team as a feature suggestion. Even though we cannot implement it right now, if we get similar suggestions from other users, we can consider implementing it in the future.

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