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Is there a way to print from a computer?


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Hello everyone.

When I started my business, I bought a computer with a touch monitor. I did this because I was planning to use another program, but then I discovered Loyverse and I liked it much more.

But when I installed the program, I realized that it was not available for Windows, but only available for Android and iOS. I managed to practically adapt it for Windows using the Bluestacks program (the only one I tried because I don't know any others). But the problem I have is when adding the printer. I bought a USB, I configured it in the Windows printers section, but when I add it to Loyverse, it doesn't detect it.

So I wanted to know if anyone knows any solution to be able to use a USB printer in Loyverse adapted with Bluestacks. Or if I should buy some other Bluetooth or Ethernet printer.

Thank you very much everyone, I hope you can help me.

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