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Printer Error 0224-01-05


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Recently we’ve installed the STAR TSP100III printer in our bar.

Two of the printers are installed directly to the modem of our internet provider with ethernet cables.

Our cash drawer is also connected to one of the printers.

We have 3 iPads connected to our local network and we use access points to improve the wifi signals.

One of the iPads is used for checkout next to the cash drawer.

The other two are used to take orders from customers.

The printers have a static IP address on the local network, but the iPads have dynamic IP addresses connected via WiFi.

Everything works well for 90% of the time, but occasionally we get a printer error with error code: 0224-01-05

I’ve attached a screenshot of the error we get, but the text is in Dutch. (It says: “please make sure the printer is connected and try again”)

When we try to take an order, this error pops up, and nothing seems to work on all iPads anymore.

After a few moments, everything works fine again. However this issue is really a problem on busy days.

We suspect this might be a network related problem. I’ve also searched on Google for this error code, but nothing useful was found.

We would like to know what this error code means and how we could fix this problem.

Any help is appreciated.



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