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How to change the language of Loyverse POS app to one language, but remain the language interface for tablet English?

Dr. Livsi

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In iPhone, iPad exist some trick with languages.

The device can be in the following languages.


If the language of your application is the same as the interface language, then it's almost impossible to make the application and device interface different.



But if your application works in a language which is not in the list of interface languages of the device, then such a trick is possible.

You need to select the first language in the device in the list of priority languages that you want your program to be. For example, Georgian is the first, English second. Since there is no Georgian in the list of interface languages of iPad then  the device interface will be in English.





And language of application will be in Georgian.



but this trick is do not work with English - Spanish pair because both of them is the languages of interface of device.


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