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Loyverse POS Software is not register in Swedish TAX office (Skatteverket), which is mandatory in Sweden.


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Right now we are using Zettle by PayPal POS system (Card reader and Software in iPadOS 15.2). We have tried to connect iZettle Card Reader in Loyverse Apps but its failed due to Loyverse POS software is not register in Swedish TAX office (Skatteverket). So we think Loyverse POS software should get their software approval from Skatteverket and share a details migration guideline for Zettle POS system to Loyverse POS system.

Attachment-1: All approved POS system in Sweden. 

Attachment-2: All approved POS central control certificate center in Sweden. 


Error message once we have tried for Zettle to Loyverse migration: 


Tillverkardeklarerade kassaregister Webadmin 2021.pdf certifierade-kontrollenheter.pdf

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