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Can an employee use his/her own device for POS?


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Can my employee use his/her own device for POS? If yes, How does an employee login into Loyverse POS on their mobile device with his/her E-mail and password? I have created the cashier account. Am I suppose to send the employee an invite or is the system generating the email invitation?

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There is 2 ways how employees can use the app. The first one, the basic one, implies to be already logged in the aplication.

Every employee has assigned a PIN code. So they can identify in the app by introducing their PIN, and when they do, the app will recognice them and every sale they enter it will be recorded under their name.

After this, they can already use the app. But of course, you must have logged in the app with your owner account and password.

You can also switch between users at any time:


That's the basic way how employees can make use of the app.

2nd Option:

But probably you won't be at store 24/7 and your employees may be in trouble if for some reaon they are logged out of the app, and being unable to enter back again. In this case, it's possible to give access to the employee, usually a manager or administrator, to allow them to enter the app with their own account.

It's also not so complicated to do just need to be sure to give the right access rights.

First of all you need to give Access to the back office to the desired Employee group. This is already enough to let them access the web Back Office with their own email and password. But in this ocassion we want to let them enter the POS app as well. For that, make sure to have activated the checkbox "Manage POS devices"

Ok, now that we are set up, go to your employee's profile or create a new employee, assign him the right Role, corresponding to the employee group we just configured, and make sure that you have the option to "Send an invitation to the back office".

Then press Save and that's it.

Now your employee will receive an invitation to their email address that they must follow:

They will be redirected to the sign up form, and they should create an account. When they successfully enter your back office the process will be finished.

The employee will also be able to access to the POS app using the email and password he created.


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