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Access rights in back office


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in our company we have different employees having access to back office. To avoid that employees by mistake destroy our data, we would need different access types in back office. Most important: 

- Access right to only VIEW and DOWNLOAD data - but NO EDITING rights.  Also the dash board app should be accessible without needing Back Office rights.

Example: We have employees who do inventory counts and they use the dashboard for checking, which is really great for this purpose. But they shall not be allowed to change the inventory. In our company only finance people are allowed to do write-offs, as this process is very sensitive. Therefore, we also do not use the Loyverse inventory count feature, as it automatically changes the inventory. But an employee who is supposed to only count should not be allowed to change the inventory of a company. 

In addition it would be also very helpful to have some of the following access rights, but for time being the above mentioned view-only right would be most important for us. The following access rights would make the back-office fit to be handles by various employees:

- access right to add or edit products

- access right to do stock adjustments

- access right to change prices

- access right to add purchase orders

- access right to approve purchase orders

- access right to receive purchases

- access right to do transfers

Any chance, that that more access rights can be added to back office?

Thanks a lot for your answer


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