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How can I get invoices instead of tickets?


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thank you for the clarification Andy, we do have a retail store but we sell electronic devices as well as a big part of our customers are VAT registered and they need an invoice when purchasing with us. we have been looking at loyverse as our POS but unfortunately as you mentioned this is not a solution for us. 

Thank you again for your swift and honest respons. 

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3 hours ago, RLD said:

Hi all,

For us it would be great to have both tickets and invoices when needed.

Hello, dear RLD

What do you want to see in invoice?

In Loyverse POS you can print a bill(invoice) before the payment.
Please, look on this screenshot and check the tutorial if it is what you are looking for:


How to Print Bill


There are some differences between the look of the bill and the receipt:

The Bill has the title BILL at the top, while the receipt does not have it

The bill does not have a number, which is on the bottom of the receipt

The bill has the "Amount due" line as a summarizing amount of items, while the receipt has "Total”

The bill does not have the type of payment line as the receipt


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