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Voiding Saved/Open Tickets or Items


This loophole in the system has been reported before where Cashiers can print a bill for a saved or open ticket, get paid and then void the ticket. Likewise they can void an item once payment has been received against a printed bill. In both instances where there is a cash payment, cash can be pocketed without the system picking this up. We have a small pizza business with 1 cashier/supervisor and a pizza maker and have been using Loyverse since 2018. We cannot disable the void saved ticket or item feature, as customers often change their minds after a ticket is saved, and we need to update the order sent through to the kitchen printer. We also do not have a supervisor available to override this disabled feature.  A request had been put forward in the past by many users to provide a log on the Loyverse backend of all voided tickets or items. In this way it is possible to pick up fraudulent transactions that may be taking place. Loyverse indicated in September 2019 that it was in their plans to include a feature to monitor/log voided tickets. What is the current status (June 2021).

 A compromise worth considering is to disable tickets or items being voided once a bill is printed or one leg of a split payment bill has been printed. Items can still be added. Any item that needs to be cancelled after a bill has been printed can be done by a supervisor with an override code, or where no supervisor is present a receipt printed and a refund done on the cancelled item.

Someone mentioned that they go through their KDS every day to see what tickets or items are voided. This is only available for the day, locally at the store and is a very laborious process.  It is not a practical compromise. Does anyone else have a workaround to address this problem?

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