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How can I make my cashier personnel login to my Store B acount using his own email and password?


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Hi Loyverse universe. I just found this amazing app. I am on my second day of the 14-day trial and I wish to upgrade soon. But I have a question.
1. How can I make my cashier personnel login to my Store B acount using his own email and password? (Because the automated 4digit passcode generated for that cashier which I did in back office is good only if I'm logged in to my account. I will not be there in my Store B everyday, plus I'm thinking about what if he has to void something, will he need my passcode for that and other things that needs permission etc?)

I have created store A and store B under my account. I also have created a personnel in the Employee list and the access I gave to him was 'Cashier' for Store B only. And I put all my items for sale specifically in that store B (coz I'm reserving my Store A for other purposes later). He has his own mobile. And my Store B is 2km away from me. And I don't want to make him admin or manager, just a cashier. I only visit my store once a week for inventory purposes but as for the daily sales, my Cashier will report to me at my place bringing the sales with him and hand it to me. 

This is how I run my small retail store and I come from a very small village with most stores operate in traditional way, I just want to automate something this time using technology available to me. Although I go there once or twice a week for inventory purposes, I put my trust in my cashier. We live in the same neighborhood, but of course I only need full management to myself. Thank you. 

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